4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Responsive Web Design

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At WooRunner, we understand the importance of having a professional web design that performs seamlessly on all devices. In today’s fast-paced world, a poorly designed website can negatively impact your business’s online presence and lead to lost sales and negative reviews.

Responsive web design is a critical aspect of catering to your mobile customers. Research shows that over 73% of web designers believe that non-responsive web design is a primary reason why visitors leave a website. Additionally, reducing mobile site load times by just one-tenth of a second can increase conversion rates by over 8% for retail sites and over 10% for travel sites.

In the past, mobile browsing was usually handled by a mobile site, but this means maintaining two websites instead of one. Responsive web design allows your website to automatically scale proportionally to any device screen size without losing content, images or site structure. Using a fluid grid layout instead of a pixel-based layout, responsive design detects the screen size and automatically fits the correct width with the rules you set in your CSS.

Here are four reasons why your business needs responsive web design:

  1. Your customers are going mobile: Over 62% of all website traffic comes from people using mobile devices. This means that the majority of your target customer base is searching for your products or services on their mobile device. Implementing responsive web design into your web design practices is crucial to capture these potential customers.
  2. It increases conversion rates: Consumers demand more from their browsing experience, and if your website isn’t optimized to fit the screen they’re browsing on, they’ll likely leave and find a competitor’s website that works better. Responsive web design allows you to rearrange content to better convert those visitors and give more precise placement to features like clickable phone numbers, quote buttons, contact forms, or driving directions to your location. This can significantly increase your lead conversion rates.
  3. It’s better for SEO: Google prioritizes mobile website performance when it comes to ranking websites on relevant search engine results. A non-responsive web design will negatively impact your SEO rankings, which can lead to a drastic dropoff in clicks.
  4. You’ll keep an edge on your competition: Utilizing responsive web design gives your website visitors the impression that you care about your mobile website and online presence, which gains trust and credibility. With most of your competitors having mobile-friendly websites, responsive web design gives you a competitive edge.

At WooRunner, we specialize in helping businesses design, build, and sustain their online presence with superior web design. Our team of talented developers, programmers, and digital marketers provides comprehensive responsive web design services to enhance your website performance and user experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take your website to the next level.


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